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Identify the right person, for the right job, the first time.

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Quickly identify every candidate’s Behavioural Style, Motivational Style, and Thinking Style.

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Using HireSense saves money and time in your hiring process. Selecting the ideal candidate is more efficient and less time-consuming. More importantly, you’ll be confident that you’ve found the best fit for your company.

Get Notified

Get alerts when a candidate matches your selected benchmarks.

Interview Better

Review custom curated interview questions based on candidate responses.

Cut the Costs

Spend time reviewing only the candidates that meet your custom criteria.


Best CRM for Recruitment Solutions

HireSense deploys a combination of 3 statistically validated behavioural assessments to discover deeper insights about each candidate you screen.

Behavioural Style

Get insights into a candidate’s behavioural tendencies and how they fit the needs of the position as well as an awareness of potential challenges.

Motivational Style

A candidate’s performance is improved by ensuring that their motivations are satisfied by the position and the company culture. This alignment fuels passion and increases engagement.

Thinking Style

Understand the candidate’s ability to process information. Thinking Style is directly linked to strengths and potential blocks to performance.

Best Corporate Recruiting Company

Streamline your hiring and selection process with HireSense. In just a few steps HireSense offers an assessment-based, data-driven system for making unbiased selections from your applicant pool.

Define Benchmarks and Start Sending Assessments

Benchmarking is the systematic process of measuring one’s performance against recognised leaders for the purpose of determining best practices that lead to superior performance when adapted and utilised.

Receive Alerts When a Candidate Meets Your Criteria

We will assist in getting the right information to find the right person for your needs quickly and efficiently. Our dedicated team guides you through each step using our in-house process to help you select the best candidates, evaluate their strengths and potential risks, and make an informed, thoughtful decision to choose the right hire.

Candidate Interviews & Selection

Using HireSense, all the applicant information is at your fingertips. Download full or summary HireSense reports to see exactly how the candidate measures up against your benchmark criteria, and get unique insights about their behavioural, Motivational, and Thinking Styles. Utilising our validated Assessment technology, we use three of our core assessments (DISC, Motivators & Critical Thinking/HVP) to create a comprehensive overview of the potential candidate, and then work with your team to review the results to identify strengths & challenges. We’ll guide you through the results and discuss recommendations.

Built to Serve All of Your Hiring Needs

Using proprietary technology that has proven effective with hiring and selection decisions for many organisations, HireSense puts the data to work, finding the right person for your needs quickly and efficiently. We collaborate with you to provide personalised interview questions and structure for the hiring process.

Business & Executive Coaches

HireSense empowers you to help clients hire the right people the very first time. As a consultant, give your clients access to the best hiring data possible.

Corporate Recruiting

Rest easy and allow full-service team of HireSense experts to handle the initial screening of thousands of applicants on your behalf with our proprietary hiring technology and assessments.

Recruitment Agencies

Utilise the most innovative and revolutionary Hiring and Selection assessments and technology available. Find the hidden gem the ideal candidates that are perfect for your clients.

Human Resources

Stop sifting through thousands of resumes and, Leverage candidate data to find the most competent and effective candidates to fit the job.

Accelerate The Screening Process & Remove Personal Bias

Use benchmarks and alerts to significantly reduce the time spent screening applications. The combination of remote testing, electronic scoring, and scientifically validated assessments, including disparate impact reporting, ensures that candidates won’t be accepted or rejected based on conscious or unconscious biases during this phase of the hiring process.


Set the criteria to create a custom profile for success for a position, or use one of the 100+ existing benchmarks or “standards” in HireSense. HireSense makes it easy to refine your candidate search with behavioural metrics.
We decipher potential employees and employee potential. As Certified Practitioners in HireSense, DISC, Motivators, Critical Thinking (HVP), Emotional Intelligence and Performance Gap Indicators for business, we build teams that work together, enhance individual performance, create greater self-awareness, positive communication and change strategies to achieve business success. We, Katrina Stephenson and Gillian Blackman, started the company in 2006. Based in Sydney, we work with all size of local and national businesses.

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